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Looking for Paleo-friendly food in Valdosta?

We've got you covered!

At Natural health, we have enough Paleo snacks to satisfy even the pickiest cavemen (and cavewomen)! With everything from Pancakes to bars, we are Valdosta's go-to store for all things paleo.

store owner Robin Williams is certified in the paleo diet.

Below is a sampling of our paleo products:

  • Jerky & meat bars

  • Ketchup, Mayo, & other sauces

  • Sweet potato chips & nuts

  • Cassava flour, coconut flour, & almond flour

  • Coconut oil & flavored coconut butter

  • Coconut aminos, natural salts, & Red Boat fish sauce

  • Pancake mix, bread mix, & pizza mix

  • Maple syrup, date syrup, & caramel sauce

  • Cookie mix, cake mix, & approved sweeteners

  • Canned coconut milk & coconut cream

  • Bars made from fruit & nuts

  • Beef tallow, palm shortening, & ghee

  • Bulletproof coffee, bars, hot chocolate, & more!

With brands including:


Ancient Organics

Nikki's Coconut Butter

RX Bars


Nick's Sticks



Red Boat

That's It

Birch Benders

Simple Mills

EVO Hemp

The Date Lady

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