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Gaia Herbs

Gaia Herbs has been committed to growing certified organic herbs since 1986. They are located in western North Carolina, in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Their farm is one of the largest medicinal herb farms in the United States. Their company defines their process by the equation "Purity+Integrity=Potency." These are the pillars that support their beliefs, their actions, and their commitment to providing herbal remedies that offer optimal vitality.


Each herb must be cultivated in accordance with Nature’s intent.


"The plants used in our herbal extracts must meet or exceed our exacting standards for purity. Crops are harvested at the peak of bioactivity, and relevant parts—such as seeds, flowers, leaves, stems, tubers, or rhizomes—must be delivered to our laboratory whole and intact in order to ensure that key bioactive constituents are preserved, and that species validation can be verified in every shipment.


Every batch of raw materials is quarantined upon arrival at our processing facility until Gaia plant biologist Bill Chioffi, Vice President of Global Sourcing and Sustainability, personally inspects and analyzes each batch to confirm its identity and that the plants have not been damaged during cultivation or shipping.


Beyond visual and tactile inspection, tests are also conducted to ensure the absence of heavy metal toxicity, pesticides, and other chemical contaminants, as well as salmonella, E. coli, mold, yeast, and other microbial contaminants. This is also the point where the first round of analytical testing is used to verify the levels of bioactive constituents. If any batch of raw material fails to meet our standards, it is immediately destroyed or discarded."


As Gaia Herbs creates herbal medicines, they must ensure the fullest possible expression of each herb.


"In creating herbal medicines, we ensure the fullest possible expression of each herb. As herbal ingredients move through the production process, we are committed to using the right extraction technology and ideal concentration methods to act in accordance with the physical properties of the herb. With every herb that we process in our GMP compliant facility we apply ONLY Full Spectrum processing technology. Our full spectrum processing involves choosing the ideal extraction and concentration methods to maintain the integrity of each individual plant. We do not isolate or purify a single active plant compound all on its own, nor are chemical or synthetic compounds ever added to our extracts. Instead, we deliver the complete natural array of the plant’s compounds as intended by Nature, in order to facilitate the optimal physiological cascade of benefits within the body."


It is only through Gaia Herbs' dedication to purity and integrity that they can deliver the powerful effects of each herb.


"Plant Intelligence is Nature’s way of delivering vitality to people. This is true potency. But potency can only be assured when we maintain the herb’s entire chain of custody in order to guarantee that the highest levels of purity and integrity have been preserved.

Improper handling at any step can damage Plant Intelligence and compromise potency. Some companies grow or source their herbs in all the right places, only to use harsh chemical solvents for extraction or extremely high temperatures for concentration. Conversely, they may use the best extraction and concentration methods—but are limited by raw materials that are contaminated or compromised from poor cultivation, harvesting, or sourcing.

Potency is a result of our strict adherence to responsible practices with every herb we source, combined with the use of the right + right method of extraction and low + low method of concentration, plus careful maintenance of the purity and integrity of each individual plant."

What do we carry by Gaia Herbs?

At Natural Health, we carry a large selection of Gaia Herbs' products. We have everything from single herbs such as Oregano, Kava Kava, & Valerian (in capsules & tinctures) to Maca Root powder and Black Elderberry Syrup. We also have a variety of blends for adrenal health, liver support, boosting your immune system, and much more.


We have all of our Gaia Herbs products marked down 15% off.

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